Truth Will Prevail is the third volume in Gerald N. Lund's The Work and the Glory series.

Book DescriptionEdit

Covering the years 1836 to 1838, this volume finds the Steeds involved in both remarkable and turbulent events in Church history. Nathan accompanies Parley P. Pratt on a challenging mission to Upper Canada. Jessica, Joshua's ex-wife, feels compelled to return to Missouri, where the Church seeks a new haven in an area known as Far West. Meanwhile, Joshua — ever restless and ambitious, yet haunted by the misdeeds of his past — travels to Savannah, Georgia, on business and there has experiences that will dramatically alter his life. Tensions between Melissa and her nonmember husband, Carl, force her to make a critical decision. A growing spirit of apostasy in Kirtland threatens the fledgling Church, a spirit from which even the Steed family is not immune. In the middle of these intense days of rebellion and disaffection in Kirtland, the divine call comes to open the work in the first mission overseas — England.


  • The book title refers to a banner which caught Heber C. Kimball's attention on the day he and his traveling companion, Orson Hyde, arrived in Preston, England.
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