Thy Gold to Refine is the fourth volume in Gerald N. Lund's The Work and the Glory series.

Book DescriptionEdit

In the summer of 1838, the Steeds, (all but daughter Melissa and her family) are happily reunited in Far West, Missouri. However, they are eventually thrown into a maelstrom of intense and tragic events: the election-day battle at Gallatin; the siege of De Witt; the Battle of Crooked River; the issuing of Governor Boggs's extermination order; the Haun's Mill massacre; the fall of Far West; the incarceration of the Prophet Joseph Smith; and the expulsion from Missouri. Characters whom readers have come to know and love from previous volumes return here, including Joshua Steed, who, although reconciled to his family now, finds that his commission in the Missouri state militia forces him to be alighted with those opposing the Mormons.


  • The book title refers to the line "Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine" of the hymn "How Firm a Foundation".
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