All Is Well is the ninth (and final) volume in Gerald N. Lund's The Work and the Glory series.


To my mother--Evelyn Mortensen Lund--whose gentle spirit and manner have influenced me more deeply than even I fully recognize

Book DescriptionEdit

The Steeds have been scattered — and the family is only split up further as the story unfolds. Will and Alice's voyage aboard the Brooklyn nears its end as the ship approaches the California shore. Peter and Kathryn continue their journey westward in the Donner-Reed Party.

In Nauvoo, Melissa and Carl find their situation growing increasingly dangerous and their marriage more and more strained. Other Steed family members are temporarily encamped at the Missouri River, where the Saints will set up winter quarters.

When the United States government, at war with Mexico, calls for five hundred Mormon volunteers to form a battalion, Nathan and Lydia's eldest child and Derek Ingalls (the latter with his wife and children) march with that battalion in its history-making trek from Iowa to California. Meanwhile, other family members become part of the pioneer companies that, at last, establish in the Salt Lake Valley a place of refuge for the Saints.


So Great a Cause
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