A Season of Joy is the fifth volume in Gerald N. Lund's The Work and the Glory series.

Book DescriptionEdit

After the horrors of the Missouri persecutions, the Saints find refuge across the Mississippi in Illinois, where they found the city of Nauvoo. Their community grows rapidly, miracles occur (including Joseph's raising of many from their sickbeds), the work of the Restoration rolls forward -- and the Steeds are there for it all.

Matthew and Derek accompany members of the Twelve on the Quorum's mission to England, and there they witness a dramatic harvest of souls, including Wilford Woodruff's remarkable success.

Meanwhile, the fate of Will Steed is made known, and characters from previous volumes reenter the story. In addition, since this period in Church history is not without its tensions, its trials, and its tragedies, members of the Steed family experience all of these as well.


  • The book title refers to the line "It was a season of joy to those present,..." of the August 2, 1831 entry from Joseph Smith's journal.
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